12 week Group Coaching: Harness Your Purpose, Power, and Peace - This program is broken out to 4-week segments of experiential learning with horses that requires no riding or experience necessary.

Harness Your PURPOSE (4 weekly Experiential Sessions)

We spend this valuable time together learning tools and techniques that will release the past, reveal the obstacles (old patterns and habits) and what to do to overcome them plus as a bonus you will learn how to lean into life for the feeling of freedom and happiness and start design life instead of living by default. The horses offer you that mirror that will change your life. It is fun, interactive and enlightening!

Harness Your POWER (4 weekly Experiential Sessions)

Together you will learn you cannot get to where you want to be or do without first thinking it. This requires thinking skills, clear communication, listening skills and boundaries. Life will not change unless you change. Stop waiting for others to make the shift first. How many years are you waiting for the results to be different? There isn’t anything we can’t do. Everything you need is within you and you will tap into that power here. This time will be powerful and transformational.

Harness Your PEACE (4 weekly Experiential Sessions)

We spend this valuable time together learning tools that will focus forward, speak the truth and give you techniques to quiet the mind and create peace, happiness and joy. This change will transform your life, what you have and where you’re going. Plus, the journey is remarkable. Come and enjoy.

Through guided ground work with these phenomenal animals, you can accelerate your learning and development in a variety of areas:

Equine Therapy in Lee's Summit, MO

Increase self awareness, self esteem and self confidence Identify and resolve personal and professional challenges Strengthen team-building, decision-making and leadership skills
Identify and overcome learned behavior and negative habits
Unleash greater creative potential
Improve personal and professional relationships

One day or Weekend VIP Time arranged on a case by case basis. Please contact Barbara to discuss details.

Child touching horses nose

Equine Assisted Coaching for Children

Our Equine Assisted Coaching is suitable for any child, whether they are challenged by some transition in their life circumstances, are doubting their own power/value, or are highly advanced. It can be especially valuable for a child who is stressed or frustrated and not currently creating the results desired. Coaching enhances self-awareness, confidence, emotional and creative intelligence. When a child discovers, understands, and connects their values, beliefs, interests, passions, thoughts, and behaviors to a vision of what is possible they benefit in a myriad of ways including, but not limited to: greater happiness, improved self-esteem, improved self-control, improved decision making, improved resilience, and improved relationships with parents and siblings.

EAC sessions create significant emotional events (SEE’s) which allow key concepts to be learned and remembered more easily. While incorporating physical activities and interactions with the horse, stories are used to introduce information that will develop skills and self awareness that prepare children to live successful, empowered lives.


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