Barbara has helped me become a better version of myself. It hasn’t always been easy. I haven’t always immediately jumped on her advice, but slowly and surely she has guided me to a better place.

Her patience and understanding makes her exceptional at what she does. She makes no judgement but points the way clearly and helps you find your way back when you stray from the better path.

I don’t believe there has been a call or a conversation that I’ve left and not felt calmer"

A.F., Virginia, January 2018

"I found Dr. Barbara Walton at the worst time in my marriage. I'll never forget that first conversation with her. She reminded me of one of my wedding vows. It happened to be the for better or worse one. Well, I can tell you this was one of the for worse times. Traditional counseling sessions were making my marriage worse. I had been through four marriage counselors before finding Dr. Walton. She helped me realize and accept how my actions helped contribute to the mess my marriage had become. She helped me to accept that harsh reality. I learned to be a good friend to my husband. Because isn't friendship what a good relationship is based on. My husband has never had one session with her, yet my marriage improved. There were times that I felt my life crashing down around me, a quick text or email to her and there she was helping me get through whatever today's crisis was. It has been a little over four years since that first conversation and I am happy just being me. My marriage continues to improve everyday. I think everyone needs Barbara in their life."

R.Y., Raymond, Illinois, December 2017

“Dr. Walton’s exceptional insight and experience provides the foundation for truly meaningful communications, effective team interaction, and trust building. I unconditionally recommend her to any organization seeking to reach their true potential.”

Pete Rodriguez
Senior V.P, Space Programs / Victory Solutions Incorporated, 2016

"Ever wondered how your teams and leaders stack up against the very best teams and leaders? More importantly, what would you do if you didn't like the answer to this question? This team development process offers not only candid feedback, but also the tools to make real and measurable improvement throughout any organization."

Vincent Bilardo, Jr.
Manager, Program Management Office / NASA, Glenn Research Center, 2015

"Some miraculous way, you stepped into my life with a calming re-assurance. You and I shared a few sessions together, and after each, my attitude about my marriage relationship, and my general living attitude abruptly changed so positively. Although what we discussed was not earth shatteringly new, the way you calmly put the ideas in such a positive, re-assurring, good way, it made me truly believe all was achievable. You helped me focus on seeing my relationships with my wife, friends, family, co-workers, customers where I wanted them to be; in that better place, rather than worrying about where they were. I was able to move forward. Although it was a while before we spoke, my wife began noticing the positive change. Then came the day she asked if she might be able to speak with you!"


"I can safely say the my wife asking to leave me was one the most stressful times in my life. I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Dr. Walton who gave me immediate and profound insight and action steps to save my marriage. It has been 2 months and my marriage is transformed, my wife and I communicate and see each other as people, gone is the resentment and anger and we are creating a relationship that we cherish. All this occurred even when she did not want to be with me! I can't thank Dr. Walton enough for her laser focus and keeping me on task to save my marriage, the work is not done so it is nice to know I can call anytime to get a healthy kick in the perspective to stay on track. I would and have recommend Dr. Walton to anyone wanting to save or improve their marriage."

JV, British Columbia, Canada, 8/7/14

If you have been looking to change your sadness to joy and your frustration to freedom, your time has finally come. Since working with Barbara I am more equipped now to face the seemingly "tough circumstances" with confidence, joy and gratitude. My personal relationship with both G_d and others continues to grow stronger and more loving. And I've discovered that greatest journey is the one I am already on. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "This time, like all times, is a good one if we but know what to do with it" I can guarantee, with even a short amount of time spent with Barbara, you will know without reservation what to do with your time. Every moment of it."
Jenn, Maine, 7/13/13

My life has been changed forever simply by making a simple request on line. Dr. Walton came into my life a short 3 months ago. In that 3 months she has taught me to see with new eyes, hear with new ears and speak with a new tongue. I originally reached out to her because I was having severe marital issues. Traditional marriage counselors were making it worse. I also suffer from PTSD from some life threatening events during my policing career. I have been in “therapy” for almost 5 years and have never seen any positive results from the PTSD. It has only gotten worse, fueling the fire to destroy my marriage. In this short period, Barbara has been able to help me tremendously with not only the PTSD, she has helped me make some positive ground to save my marriage. She has helped me better myself in so many aspects. Without Barbara, we were headed straight to divorce with no looking back. Now there is hope. Even if my husband and I are not able to reconnect as husband and wife, we are at least becoming friends again. To be a good partner, you must be a best friend first. We all know it, and Barbara has helped me live it. The ways Barbara has helped me learn to live are not earth shattering, new ways of living. Some are things we all already supposedly know. Her calm, reassuring way of helping you see things from all angles has helped me truly know. She has helped guide me to want to live a more positive and loving life. I thought I already wanted that, as most of us do. I found out I wasn’t going about it in the most positive way. It wasn’t that I was wrong, there was room from improvement. This has helped my relationship with my children, family, friends and clients. I have always had a temper that could flair at the drop of a pin. I am amazed I am calmer than I have ever been in my life. Barbara and I speak by phone every week, and at any given time I can email or text her with a problem and she is quick to respond to aid me in dealing with the issue at hand. Sometimes I feel it is life crushing at the moment, and quickly learn it’s not near as bad as I thought. The sound of Barbara’s calm, reassuring voice has become a comfort for me. She has a way of making you see the world is a great place, and you are meant to be a great part of it. I could write a book on all the wonderful things she has done to help me love to live and live to love. Barbara is a true definition of love <3

T.S., North Carolina, 3/3/13

Over the years of speaking with Barbara, she has helped me to deal with anything that comes my way both professionally and personally. There have been times where I have said to myself “There is no way that I can be made to feel better about X issue” and sure enough, after an hour of talking to Barbara, I not only feel better about the situation, but I feel like I am able to productively handle what needs to be done. I am very grateful for her time and patience.
J.P., Virginia, 2/27/13

"I could never begin to thank Dr. Barbara for everything she has done for my relationship, and for my personal happiness. I started talking to her 2 and a half years ago when my relationship was in disconnect... ... we were still seeing each other, but not quite as often, and there was very little intimacy, or physical affection happening. We were not talking about things, since i was afraid to know, and he was afraid to talk. I thought about leaving, and I'm sure he did too, but we stayed together, probably since our relationship was based on a strong foundation of friendship.. i found Dr. Barbara online on the Lee Baucom site. Calling her was the best decision of my life... I thought i was being unconditionally loving and patient, but after talking to Dr. Barbara a few times, she pointed out ways that I was not being unconditionally loving or patient at all, and I was really not in touch with that. I was not making it safe for him to talk or share what was going on with him. I was too afraid of losing him, but it backfired... the result was that he shut down, and I did too... we were not being authentic with each other and I felt unless something changed, we would not make it. i was also in a negative spin and it was causing the relationship to spiral downward. After reading Dr. Baucom's book and talking to Barbara a few times, everything began to change internally... my significant other has never talked to her or entered in on the phone counseling with me... but he has benefitted from me telling him about my sessions with Dr. Barbara. Dr. Baucom was right in his book - only one person needs to change, to change the whole dynamic of a relationship. And sometimes it can take a while to turn things around, but it is worth the wait. Now, two and a half years later, (we've been together 9 yrs now), we're more mature, and we're happier together than we've ever been.... with the relationship skills and spiritual insights Barbara has given me, I have learned a whole new way of being within myself, which is more trusting, calm, centered, content, grateful, and graceful. This new way of being has been contagious, and my partner has also changed.. Being happy within is no longer dependent on what anyone else is saying or doing. Dr. Barbara has taught me how to be more inwardly directed, instead of reactive and outwardly directed (i.e. dependent on what others do or say) and that has also helped my other relationships with friends and family as well. I am now able to be trusting instead of reactive, curious instead of suspicious, and optimistic instead of assuming the worst. I look back on my old self and can't believe that was me.....unconsciously, I used to create most of my misery in relationships, but now I am choosing to create more happiness and joy... I have changed allot in 2 and a half years. I like myself more this way. Life is so much easier now. I have read many books on spiritual and psychological topics over the years but i was still falling short in the relationship department. I was good at loving friends and family unconditionally, but i was not good at it in relationships. It took someone like Dr. Barbara to show me what i've been doing wrong and also to tell me how to do it right... In the past I was seeing another counselor in person... she was a psychologist and very good, but I quit 3 yrs. ago since i was just not making enough progress.. right after that I found Dr. Barbara, and immediately I knew she was different, and better (on the phone) than the counselor I had been seeing in person. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Barbara. She is awesome ! Not only is she a great relationship counselor and coach, but she has deep spiritual awareness and wisdom, which she generously shares. I feel so lucky to have found her at just the right time."
Sharon, Colorado, 1/29/13

"I am very pleased with the results of my sessions. Barbara listened to my relationship problems and very quickly offered help. She was incredibly perceptive to my communication difficulties. She taught me how to understand what was happening between my wife and I. She showed me a method of understanding how my wife perceives things. This helped me a lot. I was able to deflate my wife's anger and improve our relationship. Barbara taught me to be less adversarial and more understanding. I just had a session today and can't wait to use some of the new insights that she provided me with."
N.K., New York, 1/11/13

"Dr. Walton has been an excellent influence on my leadership, and I am truly fortunate to have her as my coach."

F.L., Alabama, October 2012

"Our coaching conversations have greatly helped me to: better appreciate the viewpoints of others; realize that we choose our behaviors and can make different choices, even with old habits; be more aware of how my choices contribute energy to people and situations, and to choose more deliberately; understand that others reflect my emotions, including fears, during social interactions; recognize the fundamental choice of resentment, resignation or responsibility under challenging circumstances; and take the time to find positive attributes of abysmal situations."

Alabama, October 2012

"Our conversations are invaluable to me. The wisdom that you have reminded me of has changed my life so that I am living more authentically and faithfully. Your encouragement to be compassionate, honest and response-able has supported the relationships in my life and helped them to be richer. Because of your coaching, I am 'at choice' with my life. I am forever grateful for the power of your coaching. Thank You!"

A.P.,Texas, 2010

"Dr. Barbara Walton became my coach about 9 months ago. I signed up because I felt I needed help focusing and achieving my goals. I was expecting nuts and bolts sort of advice dealing with efficiency, productivity, clarity, time management etc. What she has to offer is so much more than that. Sure, Barbara is full of great ideas about these 'nuts and bolts' areas. She can easily rattle off different time management systems, organizational systems, goal setting skills, etc. But I feel the most valuable part of her coaching is her deep, broadminded and holistic approach to success. Barbara has helped me to build a foundation of confidence, trust, choice and clarity. No fancy time management system or even goals themselves can work without a psychological and spiritual foundation. Barbara is not only a fantastic listener, she is full of knowledge and experience covering a broad spectrum of personal success and happiness philosophies & strategies. For the first time in my life I can see clearly my goals and the steps to achieve them. I know in my gut that I will achieve them. That's a pretty awesome feeling. And new to me. When I started with Barbara last year I had a vague fuzzy picture of the future and I was full of fear, insecurity and I was very unfocused. I am now about 6 weeks away from launching my first business. I can see the steps in front of me leading up to the launch date (literally, they're on the wall in front of me as I write this). I feel more confident, and this confidence has rippled into all areas of my life. It's looking like signing up with Barbara will turn out to be one of the most beneficial things I have ever done. I would highly recommend her to anyone who experiences lack of focus, fear, self-doubt and out-of-whack values. And to anyone who wants to achieve success, happiness and balance. Thank You Barbara!!!"
Chris Punis, Cambridge, MA, 2010

  • "“Dr. Walton’s exceptional insight and experience provides the foundation for truly meaningful communications, effective team interaction, and trust building. I unconditionally recommend her to any organization seeking to reach their true potential.”"
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